Bulgarian Food: 15 Dishes You Need On Your 'Must Eat’ Bucket List

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Bulgaria, the land where Balkan and Slavic revelry meets eastern European grit and stoicism. The country is also incidentally the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet! Bulgaria is fast gaining ground in other countries in Europe as one that is high on most backpackers’ lists of where to visit. A big part of this interest lies in the diverse geography, ecology, the history of the people and of course, the Bulgarian food.

If you ever venture on a Bulgarian holiday, remember a few things: Bulgarians love to catch up with family, welcome visitors, feed them, and talk to them about their lives and culture. A big part of this bonding happens over meals. Bulgarian food, traditional drinks and Bulgarian cheese all compliment the splendid hospitality and surroundings. Here’s what you can expect from a traditional Bulgarian meal.

If you’ve eaten a lot of Turkish and Greek food, you may find they share some similarities with traditional Bulgarian food. What makes Bulgarian food unique is the beautiful balance between meat, yoghurt, cheese, and vegetables that work perfectly for the Bulgarian climate. You can always mix, match and leave out the stuff you don’t like, and rest assured there’ll still be something delicious and flavourful left to try. Traditional Bulgarian food in the country or at the capital, Sofia, will cost you anywhere between 15-30 Bulgarian Lev (BGN.)

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