IO1 - Reference book for adult learners profiling and adult education opportunities

The Intellectual Output 1 is a practical tool in form of reference book (in digital form) for organisations engaged in adult education (adult education centers, NGOs working with adults and sim.) and adult learners. It is a useful tool containing:

- detailed profile of the contemporary adult learner;
- must-have skills requested by the labour market, with accent on the tourism and traditional gastronomy market;
- detailed learning needs analysis of the adults (an update of the preparatory research for the project design), in particular those in a disadvantaged situation;
- best practice and innovative learning methodologies for adult learners (examples from the project partner countries, but also at international level);
- high quality learning opportunities for adult learners: it will give a list of learning opportunities for adult learners in all project partner countries, but also at EU level.

O1-reference book will be prepared in English, with language version for dissemination created in Macedonian, Greek, Italian and Bulgarian.
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