IO3 - TradiFlavours training path

With reference on the preparatory research done for the project design and the results from the analysis (O1), adult learners needs and labour market requested skills, related to traditional gastronomy and gastrotourism market, we will develop the training curricula, according to the EU standards.

Agreed modules between the partners are:

Module 1 - Cook and learn language
Module 1 includes lessons for learning English through cooking, but also lessons for learning few words and phrases in Italian, Macedonian, Greek and Bulgarian, cooking terminology and useful everyday dialogs.

Module 2 - Traditional food in Macedonia, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria
Learning about the traditional food in Macedonia, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria, making comparison and discovering similarities, discovering unique and typical dishes for these 4 countries, that unfortunately have been forgotten or less known.

Module 3 - Preparation of traditional food for people on special diets
Traditional food includes use of ingredients and processes that sometimes are not good for the people on special diets. This module enables to learn how to cook the food in traditional way with respect to diverse health needs and diets, by substituting some ingredients and improving some cooking processes.

Module 4- Food safety standards
Basics of the current food safety standards, regulations and processes

Module 5 - Turning traditional food into profitable business
In the past years, we are witnesses of the increased demand for locals where you can enjoy in traditional food degustation and the creative use of the traditional food as source for employment and tourism promotion. Participants will learn how to develop entrepreneurial mind-set and how they can turn traditional food into profitable business, what are the business opening procedures and regulations in the partner countries, what it needs to become sustainable entrepreneur, but also which skills are requested by the labor market for finding job in the rural and agritourism, gastronomy tourism, traditional restaurants etc.

Module 6 - Gastromarketing
Module 6 enables to learn what skills are needed and how adequately to present the local tradition, knowledge and culture by using the traditional food, how the traditional food was served in the past, the dishes (material and shape)that have been used, which food was served in combination with which, but also how to improve their IT skills and use the IT technology to ”communicate” the local tradition, knowledge, culture and food (social media, blogs, e-Newsletters etc).

Module 7 - Traditional Food Menu
Module 7 will be a form of database/ a cook book of the traditional dishes of Macedonia, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria, every dish will be presented with detailed ingredients, cooking technology, calories and professional pictures/videos.

The training materials will be created in English, while a version for wider dissemination will be translated in Macedonian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.
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