GAL Maiella Verde

Gruppo di Azione Locale - Società Consortile “Maiella Verde” a r.l.

The "Maiella Verde" Local Action Group was born in 1992, thanks to the exhortations of some officials of the European Commission and the initiative of a small group of operators and Technicians of the Maiella Orientale; it was the first LAG of the Region.

Then we had a program based on a simple vision, made of small concrete things to be experienced in a rural environment like ours.

Nor, much less, we had an idea of whatwould happen in a few years and then we could not even imagine that, in some way, we were triggering what would later become, in the valleys of Sangro and Aventino, a real "movement" for the development from below ", made up of Institutions, associations and private companies, but also made of people convinced that we can work together and "take the initiative»

The territory of the LAG Maiella Verde includes 84 municipalities in the province of Chieti belonging to the internal, hilly and mountainous areas of the Province itself.

Overall, this is an area, extending over 2,008.56 sq km, typically rural, as shown by its population density, which is 73.51 inhabitants / kmq. The homogeneity of the LAG area is due to reasons and reasons directly related to the local development strategy.

As many as 79 of the 84 municipalities in the area have lived a continuation of the development action and of the partnership structur; aAlmost all of the Municipalities of the LAG area have participated in the previous edition of Leader and in a large part of Leader+ by starting a collaborative work within the area that has taken the form of various initiatives.

Examples of this are

  • the «Food and Wine Guide of the Province of Chieti» realized with Leader+
  • "Scuola del Gusto" project,
  • "10 flavors to save"
  • "Maiella Walking as part of the Cammini d'Europe cooperation project" rural tourism offer system, implemented during the previous programming period.
  • Galleria del Gusto

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